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The general areas that EVREN supplies cast parts can be stated briefly as follows:

Cement Industry
Wear Resistant Plates
Cooling Grates and Plates
Refractory Brick Holders
Crushing Hammers
Ore Treatment and Mining Industries
Grate Bars
Various Units of Furnaces
Heat and Wear Resistant Plates
Digging Equipments
Spare Parts for Power Plants, Waste Incineration Plants and Mills
Grate Bars
Grate Plates
Cooler and Lining Plates
Chemical and General Machinery Industries
Wear and Corrosion Resistant Pump and Valve Units
Machine Bodies
Gears and Gear Boxes
Automotive and Agricultural Machines Industries
Axle Brackets
Axle Housings
Gear Boxes
Differential Housings
Bearing Covers
Brake Shoes and Carriers
Hydraulic Units and Various Supports.

Additionally, we produce tailor-made castings for the individual purposes of our clients.